Printer Stand

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I have 2 printers; 1 is for documents, the other is for PCBs.  The Brother printer is great, but I just couldn’t get it to work well with toner transfer sheets.  The toner just wouldn’t adhere cleanly, resulting in smudges, spots, and pinholes.

I got a second hand HP printer that works great with toner transfer paper.  I brought it home, tried it out, and loved it, but didn’t have a home.  I just kept it on the floor beneath my desk.  I guess I could have gotten rid of the Brother printer, but I like the ability to print on both sides.

This means a furniture project is in order.  This cabinet fits under my desk, holds the printer on a slide out platform, and includes a few drawers.  The cabinet is made from 1 sheet of Big Box oak ply, a scrap of some quarter inch ply (not sure of the source, I just found it at the space), and a bit of poplar.  Construction was straight-forward, and assembled with pocket holes.  It was stained and finished with 2 coats of satin polyurethane.  It’s not quite what I was hoping for, but I’m still very pleased with it.

I placed the top on top of the sides, but I should have embedded it like the bottom and middle pieces.  Applying the edge banding and keeping the top flush just didn’t work.  Setting the top on top should only be used if there is going to be an overhang.  Another lesson learned, so the next one will be better.

The doors were originally going to be solid, but I ran out of poplar and had to improvise.  I made simple panel doors, and I think I actually like this better than my original plan.

FullSizeRenderInstalling the drawer guides was much more difficult than I expected.  Next time, I may try installing the slides prior to assembly.  I think I’ll also make a jig to help position them.  Sizing the drawer faces was a problem, I wanted the smallest drawer on top, and the largest on the bottom.  I forgot to include clearances for inserting and removing the drawers, so I had to cut the drawers down by another half inch.

I ran out of plywood for the drawer bottoms by the time I got to the third drawer.  Instead of buying another cheap sheet of plywood, I found a scrap of plywood that seemed to be about the right size.  The only problem with it was that it had a botched engraving on both sides. Why not try felt lining again?

The felt lining for the drawers looks nice, but it took a lot more work than I expected.  Cutting the felt and poster board to size was fine, but gluing it all together was more than I expected.  I doubt I’ll do that again unless it would make a huge difference.  Also, the craft felt is a bit coarse and tends to pick up dust, and other fragments…

I just love having it in its final location.  It’s so convenient to have soldering and other equipment at hand when I need it without having to retrieve it from a box…