Branch Bandsaw Box

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Bandsaw Box

I’ve wanted to try making a bandsaw box for quite some time now.  I had a branch that I cut from a holly tree in my back yard that I thought might look pretty cool as a box, so I spent about 3o minutes cutting this on the bandsaw at HackRVA.

It was a fun little project, but it didn’t glue up the way I thought that it should.  First, it was very difficult to find a way to clamp it, plus the cut along the back of the branch obviously didn’t glue back on with an invisible seam.

I was also a bit disappointed at the fit of the drawer. I must have cut diagonally since it could only be inserted and removed from a single side (unfortunately, the back).  I was able to fix it by sanding down the drawer, but I think that also caused it to have a larger gap than I wanted around the drawer.

The other thing that bothers me is the glue line on the front and back of the drawer.  It’ really not a big deal, but I was hoping it would be invisible.  Bandsaw boxes from logs are usually cut out of the face for exactly this reason.