Bandsaw Box

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The first bandsaw box was a lot of fun to make, so I decided to try making another one, but this time with a more traditional style.  It started life as an oak or maybe old pine board in the scrap pile at HackRVA.  I cut it down to size and glued it up into a block.

bandsawbox1I spent a couple of hours cutting and sanding this one too.  I evened up the bottom on the belt sander.  It seemed to work so well that I decided to clean up the drawer on the belt sander too.  As it turns out, the belt sander can be very aggressive and took off a bit more than I expected so the gap around the drawer is larger than I intended.  I also rounded over the edges of the drawer front and drawer cavity in an attempt to distract from the loose fit.

The box is finished with Rustoleum cabernet stain and a couple of coats of clear satin polyurethane.  The drawer pull hardware was salvaged from an old check printing machine.

My favorite part of the project was flocking.  It looks so nice and it’s incredibly easy!  Colored glue is first painted on the surfaces, then flocking powder is puffed onto the glue.  When you think you’ve added enough, just keep going.  I think it’s literally impossible to add too much, just collect the excess once the glue is dry.  I also added flocking to the drawer cavity as well to hide some of the extra gap and make it slide more smoothly.