Baby Namer

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I was out having dinner with some friends who are expecting to have a baby soon, and they were talking about the difficulties involved in picking a name for a baby.  You have to think about how old the name is, what kinds of rhymes or mean names can be made from it, do the […]

LED Fixture Revision

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The control system for this project involves a lot of research and programming effort. Development was starting to drag me down since progress was going slowly, so the LED fixture got some attention. I knew it was going to be a rat nest, but I didn’t think it would turn out as bad as it […]

Aquarium LED Control System

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Control System At first, I was going to use ATMega to control the system since it can support 6 PWM channels and include multiple ADC pins which would allow direct control through the use of potentiometers.  A DS1302 real time clock would support scheduling and persisting the time during power outages.  This plan was perfect, […]

High Power LED Driver

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This is a continuation of Beginning the Aquarium LED Lighting Project. Driver circuit options Now that the power source and LEDs have been selected, it’s time to figure out how to hook everything together and how to get the power right.  Since the power source will supply 12 volts, the combined voltage drops of each LED […]