Printer Stand

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I have 2 printers; 1 is for documents, the other is for PCBs.  The Brother printer is great, but I just couldn’t get it to work well with toner transfer sheets.  The toner just wouldn’t adhere cleanly, resulting in smudges, spots, and pinholes. I got a second hand HP printer that works great with toner transfer […]

Bandsaw Box

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The first bandsaw box was a lot of fun to make, so I decided to try making another one, but this time with a more traditional style.  It started life as an oak or maybe old pine board in the scrap pile at HackRVA.  I cut it down to size and glued it up into […]

Branch Bandsaw Box

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I’ve wanted to try making a bandsaw box for quite some time now.  I had a branch that I cut from a holly tree in my back yard that I thought might look pretty cool as a box, so I spent about 3o minutes cutting this on the bandsaw at HackRVA. It was a fun little […]

RVA Maker Badge

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We knew we wanted to teach people how to solder at RVA MakerFest. Estimates put the need at anywhere from 20 to 300 badges. We looked at various kits, but without knowing how many people we’d be teaching, they were simply too expensive, too complex, or not available in the needed quantity. As the date […]

Double Barrel Incense Burner

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This project started off as a few scraps of poplar, purpleheart, and jatoba.  The original intention was to create a candle holder for 3 votives. I started by cutting the wood into different sized strips and just layout them out next to each other to come up with a pleasing pattern. After finding a balanced […]

Pass the Buck

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The linear regulators converted a lot of energy into heat instead of light, so a new current driver design is in order.  The CAT4101 driver is getting replaced by a switching buck regulator to improve efficiency.  This change also presented an opportunity to change the voltage source for the system from a recovered ATX PSU […]

Baby Namer

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I was out having dinner with some friends who are expecting to have a baby soon, and they were talking about the difficulties involved in picking a name for a baby.  You have to think about how old the name is, what kinds of rhymes or mean names can be made from it, do the […]